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May 6, 2003 - Tuesday
About a month ago, Jeremy's baby-sitter, Mary, mentioned that he had started making this strange shivering noise and she didn't know what was going on; whether he was cold or sick or something else. He didn't seem, she said, to be upset about anything so she didn't worry too much about it, but she wanted to tell me about it because it was such a strange noise. I didn't know what to make of it at first, not getting a chance to hear the noise first hand, but as I thought about it later I grew pretty confident that I knew what Jeremy was saying.

"Where is he when he makes this noise," I asked her the next morning, "or maybe a better question is what are you feeding him when he does it?"
After thinking for a moment, Mary answered "I guess he does do it when he's eating."
"He's saying do-o-o-oh, but it means 'cold.' The boys have been having a little ice cream lately and Harry and I started joking about the ice cream being co-o-o-o-old and Jeremy picked up on it. Except, for Jeremy, it tends to mean anything that's from the refrigerator or freezer and that's a little sweet, like ice cream, pudding, or yogurt."
"It's the yogurt," she agreed. Jeremy has a Yo-Baby most days for lunch; that is, if he doesn't convince Mary to give it to him for a morning snack.

Jeremy still says "co-o-o-old" whenever it's time for dessert, thinking he's gooding to get an icy treat.

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