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November 17, 2003 - Monday
I need to remember this, not because it's good, but because it's not. This morning, during the always awkward morning time of getting shoes on and moving the boys out the door for daycare, I got mad at Harry, madder than I should have. Last Friday, one of his teachers had said that Harry is not very good about putting on his own socks and shoes, whining easily, and that it was something a child of almost four ought to be able to do. So, over the weekend I made sure that Harry try to do it on his own. He did well with his socks, although I had to help with his shoes. This morning, though, after he did his socks, he started to fool around and didn't even try to put on his shoes. I asked that he try and he just whined, saying he couldn't do it, and whined some more, overtly refusing to even try to put them on as we had been practicing. I eventually yelled. After that, I picked him up and moved him back into the kitchen away from where I was putting Jeremy's shoes on. And, while I didn't really mean to, I effectively threw his shoes at him in my haste to have him try again while I was doing Jeremy. I was too hot and it was depressing.

As we got in the car I told Harry that I was sorry for being mad at him. He didn't seem to react very much. Then, as I was leaving him at school, saying goodbye, I said I that I shouldn't have yelled and that I had been bad. He smiled a little.

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