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November 19, 2003 - Wednesday
I'd been trying to talk to Harry about going back to the dentist a little at a time, not wanting to make him too nervous at the prospect of getting a filling, but wanting to prepare him as best as possible for what would probably be an uncomfortable experience. It didn't matter though, because he was fine. I suppose I should give some credit to the dentist, since she did a nice job making things fast, friendly, and as intellectually accessible as possible for a three-year-old. But, really it was Harry who just seemed confident. Last night I brought up his trip to the hospital almost a year ago for a blood test and he jumped in and said "but, I was very brave." And, that was just the point. "Yes," I agreed, "you were very brave that day, Harry, and I was very proud of you."

And, I was even more proud of him today. I don't know that he needed anything other than confidence and it was both surprising and impressive to watch. These are the days I get a glimpse of what a special boy Harry is.

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