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October 30, 2003 - Thursday
Harry was at home for lunch and his nap today, thanks to his second dentist appointment. He seemed to remember his first appointment very well and that made this one completely uneventful from his point of view. They did find a cavity, however, and I'll have to figure out how to get him mentally prepared for that some time over the next couple of weeks. I haven't told him about it yet and I'm not sure that withholding of information is right, but it feels like waiting until a bit closer to it makes more sense than having him worry about it for a long time.

Harry's nap lasted longer than usual, a quiet familiar bed perhaps, and so we pretty much left to get Jeremy right away when he woke up. I'm not sure if that made him tired or me anxious, but he said something on the way that both made me laugh and feel a little embarrassed. When we reached the intersection of the main road to Mary's house, we had to wait behind another car. And, that other car seemed to be in no hurry to venture out into the intersection until the road was very clear in both direction. I guess Harry, like me, began to recognize that it was taking an usually long time and, before I said anything (consciously anyway), I heard Harry in the back seat say "come on" in a manner clearly suggesting that the other car ought to move along its way. It was really very funny to hear to a three-year-old directing road traffic like that, especially because it was just what I was thinking, too. Of course, the fact that he said it is a pretty good indication that he's heard me "thinking" about wishing other cars onward before, too.

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