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October 24, 2003 - Friday
Harry's preschool had its annual Halloween party tonight, rather than doing it next Friday on Halloween when older siblings might lead to torn parental allegiances. Harry had said a while ago that he wanted to be a ghost, I think from reading a book from the library about a ghost. For a parent, a ghost is pretty easy and we went with it. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that will. Rather than eye and month holes, we decided to do a face hole so Harry, and Jeremy, could eat the inevitable cookies, brownies, cakes, or whatever would be at the party. The idea was to get some white face paint. What kid wouldn't think that was fun? Well, neither one of our two boys did so we had to wipe it off both of them. After that, Harry didn't even want to be a ghost. We still went to the party and it was OK, but Harry stepped on and ripped his costume and Jeremy just kept getting tangled up in his. So, much for the classic Halloween ghost.

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