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October 31, 2003 - Friday
Harry wasn't at all interested in Trick or Treating until the first (any only) group of kids in costume appeared at our door. There were probably 7-8 of them in different outfits and Harry watched them all take candy from our bowl. Somehow Trick or Treating became a good idea.

Last year Harry dressed as an Engineer and when the ghost thing didn't work out so well he insisted on wearing his Engineer, or "Conductor," costume yesterday on the preschool parade through the adjacent senior citizen center. And, he was ready to wear it again tonight. So, I thought I'd take him out to a few houses nearby while his mother gave Jeremy a bath. Jeremy did not like that idea at all, seeming to understand what Harry was going out for and the candy he would ultimately bring home. So, we waited for Jeremy to reprise his ghost.

We went to six houses, seven counting one with a light on but no one answering, in about 35 minutes and it was just great. Both boys loved it. Harry had no hesitation about saying "trick or treat" loudly and proudly and he learned all about doorbells. And, of course, they were both adorable. It was nice, too, to see some of the neighbors that we know but don't see enough.

When the boys got home, they even shared their candy a little. I don't know whether that excellent behavior was a conscious attempt on their part to stay up longer and eat more candy, but if so it might actually have worked a little, at least long enough for me to take another picture.

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