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Dec. 29, 1999 - Wednesday
While I've written that Harry seems to be discovering his arms, it's admittedly a slow process for infants. He's discovered that he doesn't like to be swaddled or bound so much, but he really doesn't know yet that those arms he sees are connected to his body nor that he has control over what they do.

When Harry's hungry he'll often mouth whatever is nearby. Most infants apparently begin sucking their thumbs completely by accident when their own squirming places their hands over their mouths. As when anything is placed there when they are hungry, they try to suckle. Harry has not started thumb sucking yet.

He has, however, experienced another common misfortune of flailing, uncontrolled hands: he has scratched his own face. If you look carefully at the left cheek in the image to the right, you'll see a red mark made by his little fingernails. Rather amazingly, the streak along with a couple more minor ones were quite prominent in the morning after it happened, but much harder to see when I took this picture in the afternoon, and virtually gone by evening. It's a tribute to those rapidly growing little cells.

We do have a pair of infant fingernail clippers, but, boy, those are nerve-racking on his tiny little fingers. Rumor has it that it's quite easy to clip too far so we've barely given it an effort. Instead, we've favored emery boards to keep his nails relatively in check. We've also gone back to folding the sleeves of his undershirts over his little hands.
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