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August 27, 2000 - Sunday
Harry met several of his neighbors today as we party-hopped between two different events we attended (right after this little game of croquet on our new lawn). Coincidentally, two different groups in our new hometown had neighborhood parties and we the only overlaps. One of the parties was about a half mile away in the neighborhood of our friendly Realtor. The other was very conveniently in the house next door. Harry was his charming self at the first party, winning compliments and helping us meet new people, but left us on our own for the first hour or more of the second fete. He must have been exhausted because he fell asleep as his mother was changing his diaper between parties. So, we simply took the baby monitor next door and waited for him to make noise. It worked like a charm and gave us a chance to both eat dinner hands-free and meet new friends and parents of potential playmates. While there were several gracious people and we had many interesting discussions, Harry's mother and I ate dinner seated next to the parents of the man who built our house. They live across the street from the east corner of our property and are a charming senior couple, she originally from England and still with the lovely accent and he a former dean at Yale. Both are well-read and full of interests and a wonderful couple for Harry to learn from as role models as his personality and person begin to emerge.

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