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November 8, 2000 - Wednesday
Harry is a reader. It's something that we, mostly Harry's mother, have tried to encourage since he was born (in fact, Harry's Aunt Lisa made "favorite children's books" the theme of his mother's baby shower) and it's now visibly paying off. He plays with the books that are often strewn about his play areas, but that could just means they're interesting and accessible objects. He often flips through the pages, though not always one at a time.

But tonight while Harry and I were actively playing on the floor, he grabbed a book and open it. I pulled him into a sitting position and we began reading P.D. Eastman's "Go, Dog, Go." Harry was engrossed and just sat there calmly, finger to his mouth in apparent fascination, quietly studying the red dog on the blue tree and the blue dog on the red tree. "Go, Dog, Go" is a long book and Harry got a little figety about 2/3 of the way through. But, I kept reading and, after he took up a new position beside, Harry listened until the end of the book.

Harry's mother tries to read to him every evening as part of Harry's bedtime routine. And, just as he did with me, he watched and listening carefully as his mother read about the environment in "On the Day You Were Born

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