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September 16, 2000 - Saturday
After my ride around town last weekend, Harry's bike seat was virtually in the mail. I finally brought one yesterday and today Harry went for his first bike ride. The helmet was a bit tricky. Harry's head is quite wide and his proportions not consistent with usual baby-size heads. Small helmets were too narrow and the larger helmets cavernous atop his otherwise small cabbage head. I ended up going with a small, very fashionable "Louis Garneau" helmet - sky blue with a red cartoon airplane - that was ever so slightly wide than the other brand "smalls" and just wide enough to fit over the span between his ears. He'll use almost no form padding on the sides, but need double doses of foam in the front and back.

And, even with the first try padding, the helmet still caused problems on the ride. Harry seemed to do just fine, bouncing around in the bike seat, but since the back of the helmet kept hitting the rear of the seat, it continuously fell down over his eyes. Some additional work is required with the foam padding, both on the seat and some more adjustments to the helmet, but I think Harry will like the bike rides.

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