Here's Harry getting the other kids interested in a collection of dolls and figures in a display case with lights.
You can't quite see Harry's new tooth in this picture, but it's definitely poking through his gum now.
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September 11, 2000 - Monday
Harry had his first day at his new daycare center and if today is any indication of things to come, we clearly made the right decision. With five other kids - age 9 months to 2 years, Harry has more excitement than ever. Top that off with a seemingly endless supply of toys and potential trips to the park and he seems happy as the proverbial clam. He didn't even notice when I left him off the first time, even though I tried to say goodbye, and he hardly seemed excited when his mother and I came over to lunch. Worse still, when I came to get him at the end of the day, he barely looked up from the amassed toys surrounding him.

Though there's another boy almost the same age as Harry, the other kids are all older and walking. I give Harry a month before he's doing that himself. With all the possible role models, Harry seems primed for binge learning.

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