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April 21, 2001 - Saturday
After weeks of down, or "daw," meaning "change elevation," Harry now recognizes "up" as the more appropriate word for being picked up, going up the stairs, or getting on a chair or piece of furniture. Interestingly, that breakthrough has coincided with Harry's increased climbing ability and the resulting maneuvering onto the sofa and even onto our bed.

Speaking of bed, the times that I put Harry to sleep are these days dwindling. We've been trying to get him to sleep on his own rather than expecting the coaxing of a song or rub on the head. But, today I did it twice and it was just like old times. Harry seemed to need a little help with his afternoon nap because, as with the last two Saturdays, he took a little nap in the morning and was heading too deep into the afternoon without a solid nap. We tried to get him to sleep on his own, but he was too keyed up to settle down. As it turned out, he was tired and was sound asleep within minutes of my lying down with him in his room. Then again, since he napped so late in the afternoon and his bedtime routine did not go according to the usual plan, I laid with him again, sang him a couple of songs, rubbed his back, and he was out. He still seems to like these times, at least every now and then. I know I do. Tomorrow morning I leave very early for a four-day business and today, with good sleeping and fun outside, was a good day to remember while I'm away.

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