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April 24, 2001 - Tuesday
Last week when Harry was home sick, he recognized his mother over the phone, saying "mama" to her. He's been intrigued by the phone for a while and often listens carefully, but this was the first time he'd ever talked with the phone by his ear. His mother was thrilled and came home immediately to be with him. However, in the back of my mind I had a twinge of doubt as to whether he'd actually talked into the phone. There are plenty of times, especially when Harry is distressed in some way, that he'll randomly blurt out or call for "mama" to solve his problems. In fact, he had done it just before we called her and it seemed mildly possible that this occasion happened in spite of the telephone being at his ear rather than because of it. Fortunately, all doubt faded away today. I was across the country and called home. Harry was in a much better mood and when his mother held the phone for him and I said "Harry, it's your dad!" he responded with "daddy." He knows the phone and he knows our voices and, just like his mother last week, it made my day.

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