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January 17, 2001 - Wednesday
This past Sunday we upgraded Harry's car seat. He's old enough and big enough now to face forward and it's exciting to have him looking in our direction now. I would have thought Harry might be quite taken with the change - looking out trying to see everything new - but that really hasn't been the case. Sure, he does look, sometimes lifting his head as high as possible to see over the door and out the window. He's still generally pretty good in the car and sometimes shows his interest in things going by. But, mostly, he's still in the car for longer than he usually wants. Sunday when we got the seat, it was almost lunchtime and Harry was apparently much more focused on his nutrition than the new scenesout the window and he let us know. Over the last couple of days he's been more interested and there have been both very charming scenes of him gazing out the window, talking it up, and being a happy traveler, as well as the dangerous temptation for me to turn around and play peek-a-boo while I'm driving (it makes him laugh). But, there have also been times when he just wanted to get out of the seat like before.

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