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July 15, 2001 - Sunday
We took Harry on a walk this morning down to see the cows in a nearby pasture. Harry thought that was pretty neat, especially when they came right over to us, even licking my hand as I held Harry in my other arm. They are very big animals, but somehow that didn't seem to phase Harry one bit. I bet that would have been different if I had dared put him on the ground beside one.

Almost more thrilling, however, was Harry's new game that we played walking down to the cows. He learned it yesterday morning before we left home when Harry's mother taught him about stopping and going. I didn't see it then, but as we walked down the quaint, dirt, country road, Harry would hold up his hand and say "stop," wait a second or two, then say "go." We'd all stop in our tracks and start again on command and Harry thought that was pretty funny. I thought it was pretty cool, too, but for a different reason. He's growing up so fast.

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