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July 18, 2001 - Wednesday
I'm a little torn about what to do now with Harry at the playground. He's starting to get more ambitious about climbing up things that were clearly meant for bigger kids. Today, as soon as we got to the "Kay-mar" (that's an interesting stretch from playground) he started climbing this ladder-like thing with rungs that had to be 10 inches apart. He asked for help and I gave it to him, but within five minute I saw another mother running and grabber her like-aged boy off a similar apperatus. On the one hand, it's healthy for Harry to learn and better if he learn while I'm there. But, all the same, I worry about giving him confidence that could backfire. Fortunately, Harry has seemed fairly careful as he runs around the jungle gym and avoided or ignored the opens that would tempt a fall of some four feet. But, it's those same openings that have the ladders that Harry is now trying to climb.

Coincidentally, one of the last things Harry did today was climb another ladder that arcs so the highest rungs are almost horizontal as they connect with the jungle gym. Harry was confident on the way up, but clearly found himself in a tough spot as he started looking down at the ground below. I was there spotting and telling him how dangerous it was the whole time. Maybe, just maybe, he believed me.

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