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November 21, 2001 - Wednesday
With two and a half weeks to go on, it seems that Jeremy is a little less laid back a baby than Harry was. He's not a difficult baby by anecdotal standards, but we think he cries more than Harry did, doesn't sleep as well, doesn't seem to have a developing routine yet and is a little harder to settle down. In many ways, Jeremy seems more like what I'd expect from a baby than Harry's calm demeanor was. Yet, I can't help wondering whether Jeremy's more vocal nature relative to Harry has anything to do with the fact that Harry got so much more attention than Jeremy is getting. Naturally, Jeremy sees his mother quite a bit, but she can't give him uncompromised attention when Harry's around and I simply spend more time with Harry, as he is more vocal about his demands for attention. In fact, today felt like the first time I actually spent more than a passing amount of time with Jeremy, sitting and holding him and making the silly noises and faces I remember making to Harry, though I still have yet to coax him to sleep as I did so often with Harry. Whether it's coincidence or not, Jeremy seemed to be calmer today.

I'm told I was a more vocal baby than my older brother. Perhaps I had to be as well.

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