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February 14, 2003 - Friday
The bribing worked like a charm. Late this afternoon, after I'd picked Harry up from school for the first time since Monday and not too long before his mother got home from work, Harry complained about his stomach and I asked if he wanted to go upstairs and try to poop in the potty. Amazingly, he said 'yes.' So, we went upstairs to the bathroom and Harry sat. Then, he complained.

"I can't do it." That's been a common refrain as we've had him sit on the potty several times over the last few days.
"Sometimes it takes a little time for the poops to come out," I encouraged.
"I can't do it, " he said again. Then after a bit more back and forth, Harry said he had pooped. He stood up a little and I could see he had not.
"No, you didn't poop yet, Harry, maybe you're not ready to poop yet. Maybe you can try again later," I said trying to be encouraging.
But, much to my surprise and much to the contrary of the last few days, Harry sat down again on the potty, with a very overt glance up to the shelf where "Duck," the Great Western Engine, was waiting. Then, after a hearty effort, Harry again said that he had pooped. And, this time he had!
"It's just a little poop," he said, either as comparison to yesterday morning's result or as some needless qualification or apology.
"Oh, but that's just great Harry. Some times the poops are little and some times they're big. The important thing is that you pooped."
"Yeah," Harry agreed.
I was excited and proud and so was Harry. I let Harry carry Duck down to the kitchen where I would open it with sciccors and we agreed that he would show Duck to mommy when she came home and she would know. He was proud about that, too.

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