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April 11, 2006 - Tuesday
Sunday morning at breakfast, after Harry had discovered his loose tooth, Jeremy started asking questions about how the tooth fairy could put money under the pillow without being noticed. Harry, with the emerging confidence of a public school kid, raised the possibility that the tooth fairy was just imaginary, adding that "I already know that Santa Claus is not real."

Are we there already? Is Harry really too old for the Santa Claus myth to continue? I would have thought he'd have another year or two.

Harry was acting brash when he said it, but something in his eyes suggested that it was really something of a trial balloon. "Well," I said, "maybe if you think the Tooth Fairy is imaginary then you'll get only imaginary money." That pretty much ended the conversation right there. Harry, I think, wasn't interested in the truth enough to risk that reality. We'll see what happens around Christmas time.

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