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March 24, 2006 - Friday
It's been a while since Harry's had a rough time practicing his drums, but he did tonight. His teacher, Abe, is starting him on triplets and it seemed to be exposing Harry's still limited knowledge of reading music a little bit. He'd be doing great with eighth notes and so forth, but the triplets kind of showed that he was faking his way through those exact duple rhythms a little bit. So tonight he got frustrated like he used to do, and even a little misty eyed. But this was different than it used to be. I could tell Harry knew that it was tough, but knew that he had to work through it. "It's hard, but what you have to keep telling yourself is that t's making you a better drummer." So tonight, even though practicing was awkward, it wasn't really at all bad. He did the work and, indeed, came through looking, or sounding, better for the effort. That's good practicing and it's a good lesson.

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