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April 10, 2001 - Tuesday
For another 6 months or so, we have a spare bedroom with a twin bed and some weeks ago Harry started to walk into this room, go over to the bed, and excitedly say "nigh-nigh," his former daycare's term for nap time. It's never really mattered what time of day it is, he just seems to like the idea that this bed is for sleeping. And, this morning, he got so taken with the bed that I actually put him under the quilt for a little while so he could pretend to go to sleep.

All this couldn't come at a better time, of course, because in just a couple of months, we'll need to have Harry vacant the crib for his future sibling. We've been wondering about moving him to a real bed and when that would be appropriate, but we really don't have all that much of a choice. The baby will come. And, it seems Harry may make it a little easier for us if his interest in the bed is genuine. Fortunately, Harry's never shown any interest in trying to get out of the crib, so perhaps moving him to a bed will present no new problems. On the other hand, he's never had a problem getting off this bed when he's done pretending to nap. We may take the mattress off the frame to start.

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