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April 18, 2001 - Wednesday
Daycare reported that Harry only napped for about 40 minutes yesterday afternoon, so I wasn't all that surprised when he fell asleep during the roughly five minute car ride back home. I figured if he hadn't slept so well, perhaps I ought to let him rest and left him in the car seat napping while I did a little needed lawn maintenance near the driveway. He'd been sleeping for about a half an hour before his mother got home from work and then another 10 minutes before we woke him up. In hindsight, it seems like a bad decision, although I'm not sure whether the right choice would have been to not let him sleep so close to bedtime or to let him sleep longer.

Last night was rough. Harry woke up in the middle of the night and was awake off and on until morning. His mother got up once, but he seemed to just want attention after having napped too close to bedtime, so we tried to be strong and let him try to calm himself. Yet, after this awkward night, he slept in until 8:00am in the morning. Of course, on the one hand there's nothing odd about someone sleeping in after a rough night. But, it was strange for Harry to do and when he finally did wake up I noticed he seemed a little chilled. He wasn't obviously sick, but something was wrong. After what seemed like a solid breakfast, he went back to sleep for another two hours. Had he just worn himself being awake all night or was there something more? He was a little warm but not obviously feverish (at least not to me).

I called to update his concerned mother on his condition after he awoke and while she was deciding whether she should come home to be with her sick boy, Harry got on the phone and removed any doubt. Harry's always been curious about the phone, but has never talked into the phone. However, this time, when I held the phone to his ear so his mother could say a few words, Harry offered a longing "mama, mama." She was coming home.

In a funny way, it was a very fulfilling day with Harry. His fever slowed him enough so we could spend long stretches of time reading books or looking at pictures on the computer (Harry learned "guitar," which he pronounces "ta-tar," looking at this website) without him getting bored and running off in search of something new and interesting. It brought him to a speed that tired old parents could appreciate. Still, we'd much rather have Harry back to himself. Thankfully, he was by dinnertime.

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