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April 20, 2001 - Friday
Last weekend finally had nice weather for Harry, who was able to stay outside for more prolonged periods, to play on the lawn, bang sticks (including at some of the newly sprouting crocuses - we'll have to work on that), and climb on the child-size, plastic chairs on our deck. This week we've been outside almost every afternoon after daycare playing and waiting for Harry's mother to drive up the street and into the driveway coming home from work. Harry clearly enjoys being outside, so much, in fact, that getting him back inside begets an almost guaranteed protest. But, being outside is not at all bad, of course, because there's plenty for his mother and me to do around the yard, including sawing and chopping a pile of wood left over from the fall. Harry's been a little uncertain about the chainsaw, but he gets quite a kick out of the chopping. He's tried to lift the splitting maul, but it's far too heavy so he regularly turns to picking up smaller pieces of wood and bringing them over to the chopping block. Naturally, he's not particularly helpful when I'm wielding the ax, not understanding the need for distance while I'm swinging. But fortunately, he's also fond of the wood chips left by the chainsaw and can easily be distracted. He often holds up a handful, pronounces them to be "wheet-chee," and begins piling them about.

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