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December 3, 2001 - Monday
About two or three weeks ago, I gave Harry a piece of leftover Halloween chocolate bar and, not surprisingly, he liked it. I know he liked because, in addition to the immediate brightening that came to his face that I've seen on occasion when I've given him the very occasional sweet, Harry told me he liked it and in not uncertain terms. Like most toddlers, I suspect, Harry can be quite emphatic about his dislikes, but is usually more reserved about verbally expressing his pleasures. But, not this time.

"Chock-lick, like it. Harry like it."
"Did you want some more."
"More. Harry like it."

Harry's got plenty of enthusiasm, but you won't get it any clearer than that. Tonight I gave Harry a piece of "chock-lick" cake, leftover from Aunt Lisa's pre-birthday visit on Saturday. In just a couple days, Harry has recognized that difference between frosting and the cake part.

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