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December 5, 2001 - Wednesday
Harry's grandmother told me a couple of weeks ago that she wanted offer Harry a subscription to Highlights magazine. I remember the publication from doctors' office waiting rooms when I was a boy, particularly the hidden pictures page. I remember the text and the stories less well, having not read so much when I was younger, but my sense was that, simple as they may be, they were probably a few years beyond Harry. Nonetheless, after talking about it for a bit, she decided to subscribe anyway.

The first issue came today and it wasn't clear whether Harry quite understood what his parents were saying about him getting his own mail, but he probably will as Highlights shows up each month. Of course, Harry has an interest in anything new that he might have some kind of claim to and he did his best to help get it out of its plastic mailing pouch. As expected, there were a lot more words per page than Harry is accustomed to in his current books. Add to that the pending dinner hour and it's clear that Highlights will require a little more dedication than quickly sitting down for a usual story. But, sitting there with him looking at words by and for kids 2-7 times is age showed just how far Harry's already come and how far we have yet to travel. And, I know it was that long journey that his grandmother was thinking about when she ordered the magazine.

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