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December 7, 2001 - Friday
Harry's daycare provider related an incident to me when I picked him up today and I have to concede to wildly conflicting emotions about it. She says that Harry, her six-year old boy, and the 18-month old boy in her care, Josh, were playing with toy cars. They got a little over-excited and started throwing them and she quickly tried to put a stop to it. She thought she had succeeded until out of the corner of her eye she saw Harry throw one more car. Appropriately, she turned to him and exclaimed "Harry!" To her amazement Harry replied "Josh did it."

She says she was speechless, as was I at the thought of someone not even two years old was already heading in that inevitable direction. I had thought the terrible twos were more about tantrums, mood swings, and vying for attention than they would be about cleverness and deceit. But, it's clear our boy is already thinking, figuring, testing, and scheming and we have some work to do redirecting this new line of learning.

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