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December 11, 2001 - Tuesday
We haven't been very diligent about introducing the bottle to Jeremy yet. He did have a bottle within hours of his birth because his blood sugar level was low and he had already nursed for some time and he had no trouble that time at all. More recently, I gave it a halfhearted attempt a few nights ago when his mother was up giving Harry his nightly bath. Jeremy was fidgeting and I thought he might be hungry, but with the uncertainty, I didn't really give it much time.

But, today during the afternoon, when we had a better indication that he was really hungry, I tried again. I remember the bottle didn't phase Harry a bit and he just started drinking like it was his mother in plastic. Jeremy wasn't quite as sure about this and needed a little more encouragement. But, after just a minute or two of uncertainty, he caught on, both literally and figuratively.

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