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December 12, 2001 - Wednesday
As I did this past June, I got up very early this morning and drove four hours to a business conference. I didn't expect to be home to see Harry, but as also happened last June I was able to leave early and, this time, arrived home just after Harry got into bed. I spent our regular time with him there and eventually said goodnight. But, that is not the last I saw of Harry today.

About a half an hour after I left him, Harry started screaming. I was on the phone and tried to ignore him as best I could, wishfully thinking that he had missed me all day, wasn't ready to go to sleep, and was just pouting. But, somehow his cry seemed more earnest than that and when I was finally able to extract myself from the phone call, I found Harry with his mother and her changing his clothes. Having not talked with her yet about the day, it was then that I learned that Harry's daycare had called early in the morning to say that she and her children were ill with a stomach bug and that Harry would have to stay away. She had, thus, spent the whole day with Harry and Jeremy and Harry had now just proven that staying home to avoid illness was too late. He to had caught whatever stomach ailment had befallen the others.

In his near two years of life, Harry has only vomited one other time several months ago. Back then, I remember him being quite taken aback by it. Tonight, however, when I saw him with his mother, he seemed quite all right, if not even in an usually good mood. I'm sure it didn't hurt that his mother was catering to him, and that when I came in I did the same. His body had dispelled what was causing it trouble and now he was getting attention. Well, that's what I'm reading into it anyway, though perhaps he was just being a good son and not as alarmed at what he had done as last time.

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