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December 15, 2001 - Saturday
Last night Harry had little bit of a relapse of the stomach bug. It wasn't entirely unexpected since one of the daycare child also had a double dose of the illness. Fortunately, it wasn't very severe, though it left Harry a little weak in spirit today. He had refused to go outside, an oddity that implied discomfort, until about 11:00 when I finally suggested we go see the big orange excavator. Harry's response, after the inevitable toddler processing delay of a second or two, was an insightful "Harry needs shoes" as he headed for the hall.

Usually Harry likes to walk on the road, especially in the direction of "the big hill," a 30 or so yard steep incline in the road between our house and the current construction site. Today, that ambition lasted just a few steps and then it was "Harry need up." I carried him there (maybe a tenth of a mile) and back. It was worth it, though, because halfway there I heard that someone was working on Saturday and when we got a clear view through the trees I pointed for Harry at the giant orange arm that would make it a good day after all. We watched from right up close, too, as the work was out near the road, preparing and smooth what will eventually be a shred driveway for the two houses. Harry talked about the "guy inside" moving the levers. I don't think Harry saw it, but the guy waved, probably to me with knowing smile as my little boy went on about the "big rocks" and the "digging" and the "dumping" until it was time for lunch.

"We had fun, didn't we."
"Yes, Harry, we did." And, to complete a fine day of father-son bonding, Harry and I went out to the local Home Depot after dinner to pick up a few items. Harry likes going to and talking about the "Home Depot."

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