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October 31, 2001 - Wednesday
It's been a long time since Harry had a chance to go for a ride in the laundry basket. I'm not sure quite how we stopped doing it before, but my suspicion is that Harry was starting to react poorly when I got too tired to pull anymore so we started keeping the basket out of sight when empty. But, this morning it was there in the middle of the floor and Harry remembered the game. I heard his mother tell Harry that he was too big for that now, or many it was she who was too big and pregnant to pull a 25 pound boy around the floor, before she went out of the room. Harry seemed to take her at face value, but when I came in the room he tried again and I figured I'd give it a try. I think Harry was a little surprised at first, maybe since his mother had turned him down, I don't know. But, he had plenty of fun for the few laps I was able to handle before running out of steam. Harry, of course, wasn't ready to stop, even though I tried to explain that his dad was too tired to pull anymore. He complained and whined until I turned away and he knew the excitement had ended. And just then, I heard Harry say my line that I've used to convince him that it is better to have fun and stop than never have it in the first place: "had fun, didn't we." It's sometimes really quite amazing: kids do learn.

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