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November 1, 2001 - Thursday
I've been working a lot this week trying to finish some writing for a deadline before Jeremy's arrival and that has meant less time with Harry. On the one hand, it's worked out just fine because Harry's mother has been working from home a lot more (her boss is said to be somewhat apprehensive about the idea that she might actually go into labor while at work) and has been there to be with Harry in the mornings before daycare and in the afternoon afterward. The trouble for me, I would have anticipated, is that Harry would go into a phase of preferring mommy to daddy. He's done that before when one of us has not been so responsive to him, though whether that's out of spite or not is hard to tell. But, this time it did not happen. In fact, this time it oddly seems as though just the opposite has occurred and that my lack of attention has made Harry want to be with me more. I'm not sure I know why this has happened, though I suspect it's that Harry has been a bit sick all week and looking for any attention he can get. Still, instead of the minor re-establishment ofour relationship that sometimes follows these lapses, maybe I'll luck out and Harry will let me play with the MegaBloks again soon.

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