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October 29, 2001 - Monday
Our neighbors told us about their planned house addition a couple of months ago, so we knew this day was coming. So, today, as we turned the corner onto our street late in the afternoon and Harry let out a declarative "backhoe" we only needed to turn to confirm that the time had come. For the next few weeks construction workers will be building directly outside Harry's bedroom window and for at least the next couple of days, larger capital equipment like this excavator will play a role.

Harry's mother and I both went to get Harry at daycare today (after some standard hospital tests on Jeremy: an ultrasound confirmed Jeremy will be a Jeremy) and we almost didn't come home right away. Harry was clamoring for the playground and we almost took him up on it, but fortunately for him, his mother was a little tired and thought we ought to get home. Otherwise it would have been too dark to see even this bright, shiny, new excavator from the road. Naturally, we raced next door to see it, the big pile of dirt, and the big hole in the ground. As we neared the backhoe, Harry, not to be misinformed about capital equipment, realized how large it was and corrected his earlier assessment. This was an "efcuvator."

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