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November 2, 2001 - Friday
Harry's mother and I went to an annual membership dinner for a local conservation organization this evening. We attended this function last year, but we really had not planned to go this year thinking that Jeremy would probably have already arrived and social events would be less practical in the short term. But, with no sign of Jeremy this morning, we figured we'd try to go and called Harry's baby-sitter from across the street. When she came we headed up the hill about a half mile to the dinner and, since it was a nice evening, Harry's mother decided we should walk. I thought driving might be somewhat more practical on this particular night, but since the worst thing that really could happen would be that I would need to run home and get the car, I agreed. And, really, if walking would help encourage Jeremy to come sooner, it seemed like a good trade. So, after a couple pre-dinner conversations, Harry's mother, Jeremy's future mother, suggested that perhaps I really should run home and get the car.

And, it started. Harry was whisked out of bed and taking to Grandpas house. Naturally, he woke up when we got in the car, then again when we got there. I tried briefly to get him back to sleep, but I think the job ultimately fall to grandpa. Meanwhile, Jeremy's future mother was riding in a ambulance to the hospital, because Jeremy's future father got stopped by a real bossman of a cop for speeding on a section of divided highway with a 45 mph speed limit. Rush hour traffic goes faster than I was going, and while I did not get a ticket or warning, the control-freak of a cop called for an ambulance and insisted that she go with them. Of all stupid things, they told me to go before the ambulance left the scene and I got to the hospital, about a 10 minute ride, some 3-4 minutes before she did.

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