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July 22, 2001 - Sunday
I think I heard Harry talking about "two books" the other day, but I can't really be sure. Today, however, there was no doubt that Harry is starting to understand numbers. With two balls in hand, he quite distinctly said "two balls," and I think that's a special milestone. I was always pretty good with numbers as a kid, often playing math games and excelling, if I may say so, at math baseball in school. I was awarded piles of candy in 3rd grade for having the best test and homework scores in the top math class of my little school. So, while I'm quite pleased and proud that Harry has taken to books and reading so well, I look forward to number games, too.

Also new today, but of no less significance, I got Harry to say "yes" for the first time and then at dinner we heard his first "please." Coincidentally, that yes came while I was reading one of his new favorite books, "Cats have kittens, do gloves have mittens?" that features a lot of "no." Actually, I'm not sure that's the formal title, but the book is full of silly little questions that Harry takes great glee in answering "no" to at the appropriate time. We finished the book and as often happens Harry wanted to read it again, saying "more" and "again." I asked if he wanted to read THIS book again, holding it up. And, as most often happens with any question, Harry immediately said "no." So, I put the book down. He complained, so I asked him again. Do you want to read this book, yes? It took a couple of times, but not too many and he said "yes." We read it again. "Please" was similarly enticed at the dinner table, with a dessert of perfectly ripe pear.

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