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July 26, 2001 - Thursday
Today, Harry came all the way down the stairs by himself: forwards. I don't know whether that's reason to celebrate or have fits of anxiety, but he thinks he's ready for the stairs. Interestingly, it was just yesterday that he fell down a couple at the bottom: something that might have deterred him if he wasn't quite committed. It wasn't a hard fall or anything, and his crying didn't last long and was likely more from being startled than hurt, and today it all seemed to be behind him. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs for the whole time and watched him come all the way down. I suppose I could have run up and stopped him, but he seemed quite determined, with a glimmer in his eye that said 'look at what I'm doing.' I figured I could get up to him pretty quickly if something were to go awry and it might be best not to make any sudden movements. Besides, he looked so proud coming down. The problem now is that his thinks he's mastered the stairs.

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