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July 21, 2001 - Saturday
We bought this pool roughly two months ago for about $15. For some reason it was marked down 50% and we figured we couldn't go too wrong at $15. Today, Harry proved us right. I filled the pool this morning while Harry was at the grocery store with his mother in hopes that it would heat up a little if it sat in the sun for a while. If it did heat up, it wasn't much, but that seemed of very little consequence to Harry. It was wet and, with recent pool experience, he didn't hesitate. Even after being in there for about an hour and having his lips turn somewhat blue, he still wasn't ready to get out. But, he'll have much more time tomorrow. It's supposed to be much hotter.

I got in the pool with Harry because I had just been running and was hot, but also because one heards so often that you can't leave a toddler in any amount of water alone and Harry showed us why. Nothing traumatic happened, but I can see how Harry could have easily died on more than one occasion if we hadn't been there to lift him up. An unbalanced step, or a bounce the wrong way, and Harry was on his way down into the water in some disoriented manner. We were right there to pull him up and help him find his equilibrium again, avoiding any potentially serious trouble, but it's easy to imagine what could happen if we were even 30 feet away. Aside from that line of thinking, the pool was a big success. And, I suppose, Harry learning a good lesson from swallowing a little water the wrong way is a success in the big picture, too .

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