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July 16, 2001 - Monday
I missed it today, but Harry's mother said that when she offered him an afternoon snack, she gave him several options. She showed him the packages of a variety of snacks. Harry carefully considered each and finally opted, quite specifically, for the Goldfish crackers. I noticed him doing that with the books, deciding which one he wanted me to read to him, but I think there's no question now that Harry has taken another step to controlling his environment. Of course, that can be both good and bad. It's wonderful that Harry is finding his independence, but somehow that has never really been a concern.

At daycare, Harry has been learning to share and play nice with the other kids, but his concept of share isn't quite solid yet. Harry likes being in control. His daycare provider says it's nice for he because she has one who likes to be in control and one that is passive. Perhaps that's true for the day to day, but I guess we have to keep an eye on Harry's social ideas. For the time being, share is little more than a polite "mine." Tonight when it was time for dinner, tried to take his "hockey stick" (he's had a big hockey interest reprise lately) out of his hands and he started complaining "share." I guess we find the positive and take one step at a time.

Potty update:
After a two night hiatus at the cabin, we returned to Harry's normal bedtime routine and he again peed in his potty several times over as he did on Friday, although this time I was there. We realized that our joyous praise may be encourage Harry to pee several times rather than all at once. Well, one step at a time, I guess.

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