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June 2, 2001 - Saturday
Tonight before his bath, Harry peed in his potty. It was the second night Harry's mother let him walk around the bathroom and play with his potty naked and the second night he sat on it without his clothes. He's been sitting on it with clothes since we bought it last weekend and seemed to understand what it is for, talking about peeing and potty and pooping and potty ever since. So, we figured maybe we ought to take the next step. I watched him last night, when he played and sat without "going." I was worried that he'd feel pressure to do it if it didn't just happen, but before too long he just got up and went over to get in the bath. Thinking that I shouldn't make too big a deal out of watching and potentially putting pressure on him, I decided to stay away tonight. His mother says it was much the same, except he did pee. She praised him for it and then flushed it down the toilet. He likes working the toilet.

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