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June 3, 2001 - Sunday
Harry's mother brought him to the library yesterday morning, as she does from time to time, and checked out a few new books. Naturally, two of them had pictures of backhoes, one of which, I'm told, Harry barely let the library have it long enough to check out. And, with these books it seems, Harry is having a renewed interested in sitting still and watching the pages of books go by.

But, I think there's more than that going on. I think Harry has turned another corner on learning and has grasped the idea of verbs. Sometime very recently, I think, he learned throw, run, and kick. That combined with the recent developments of being helpful and playing with daddy, seem to suggest a new awareness of his place in the world. Today, he pushed this car back and worth with his mother several times, clearly recognizing the idea of joint play.

Potty update: I decided to start changing Harry's diaper in the bathroom and this morning when he had a poop, instead of folding up the diaper and putting it in the DiaperGenie, I plopped the poop into the toilet and let Harry flush it. Boy, was that a thrill. He sure likes the toilet and watching the poop go down made it extra fun. I guess it's unclear whether he learned anything from it about toilet training.

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