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June 5, 2001 - Tuesday
I'd have to say that the most enduring play object so far through Harry's young life is this stick of Chapstick. When he was younger he just liked to hold it. It fit nicely in his small hand and whenever we'd lay down with him on our bed to get him to go to sleep, he'd find the Chapstick and hold it. Later, he learned that the top came off and then every time he found it, he would practice taking off the top and putting it back on. That could quickly become a messing process, so his mother and I got good at making sure the pink stuff was turned well down into the tube. Now, that he's so much older, Harry understands, for the most part, what this object is for and often tried to put some on his lips. Well, it's actually more like his chin, but that's quibbling. He really still just likes to hold it and play with it.

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