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May 30, 2001 - Wednesday
This morning I was lying on the bed trying to read Harry a story. That used to work a lot better than it does now that Harry's toddler attention span has grown impatient. Now he'll listen to a page or two then go off in search of something else to play with. Sometimes he'll still be listening to the story and will check in every now and then, but not always and not this morning. Today, he started playing with my belly button, which was exposed from beneath my slightly lifted T-shirt. Belly and button are two words that Harry does know and, for better or worse, he often likes to play with his mother and my belly buttons.

Of course, that only lasted a little while, but what Harry did next may have started another trend for the future: he starting doing the raspberry by putting his mouth against my belly and blowing. Admittedly, I've done this to him before and he thought it was funny, and he's even made attempts at doing it to me before. But, this time he seemed to have improved his technique and it tickled. I laughed out loud and he thought that was a pretty thing and did it some more. I suppose I could have pushed him away, and I guess I did without much conviction and he persisted. All things considered, this was pretty fun. After months of tickling Harry, Harry was getting a good laugh out of his dad.

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