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March 13, 2001 - Tuesday
Harry was back! Our smiling boy has returned from an excursion that left his mother and me worn down from being up far too early the last several mornings. But, this morning Harry was walking around the kitchen guffawing with his devious little, forced "ha ha." His nose is still a little runny, but it seems the worst of the teething is over, at least for now. The lingering effect of the last few days, beyond his mother and me dragging, seems to be Harry's more finely tuned sense of demand. Somewhere along the way he apparently learned that all that whining and hollering gets him attention. And, it seemed this afternoon and this evening he was trying that out, especially with his Mama. Whether that is a result of her doing more pandering recently, or just a mother's natural nurturing, I'm not sure, but it will surely be watched.

It was true today at Harry's 15 month checkup. He was having a grand time in the waiting room, playing with the toy trucks and looking at the tank of "fssh," but was the doctor came in, as he got a little disconcerted with the goings on, he started to put on quite a show. In fact, he screamed no loader during and after his shots than he had done when he wasn't allowed to play on the scale.

For the record, he's still small: 30.5 inches tall and 20 lbs 8 oz.

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