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March 14, 2001 - Wednesday
Harry's mother has been playing Patty-cake with Harry since he was a baby and it's been a fun little action game that he's always seemed to enjoy. Now he has a book full of nursery rhymes including such obligatory ones as Humpty, Dumpty, Rub-a-dub-dub, and Jack Sprat, as well as some more obscure ones like Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester, The Queen of Hearts, and Bonny Bobby Shafto. Naturally, it also has, and corrects a life long misinterpretation, "Pat-a Cake" ("a" rather than "y").

I happen to be reading through the book with Harry, picking random rhymes from the various pages, but was lying down and resting in a position that would make it difficult to Pat-a Cake. So, when we got to that page, the most crowded page in the book with five other rhymes and just very small accompanying pictures, I figured we'd just skip that one and Harry would never notice. It didn't even look like Harry could see the page very well from where he was. But, Harry was way ahead of me. I read a rhyme from the page and he smile. I read another, skipping Pat-a Cake, and he was clearly getting more excited. Then, before, I could start on another, Harry started clapping his hands and giggling. I got up.

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