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October 1, 2001 - Monday
Harry's mother and I went to a concert this evening and Harry went to visit his grandma and grandpa. That's happened before, but this time, in preparation and practice for the pending arrival of Harry's future brother, we decided to let grandpa pick Harry up from daycare. Harry then had dinner with his grandparents and went to sleep there. That's also not altogether new: he's gone to sleep there before. But tonight, we didn't stop on the way home to pick him up. Instead, we let him stay over night and wake up in a new place. I will try to be there in the morning to get him not too long after he wakes up in the morning.

Part of this plan all took shape during the day today, although the concert and having Harry visit his grandparents had been expected for a while. We'd been planning, in theory, to have Harry do an overnight before his mother goes into labor, and some time yesterday we realized that tonight was a good chance to try it. However, it wasn't until after I'd brought Harry to daycare that we agreed that grandpa would get him from there and not me. So, we never had a chance to warn Harry that things would be different. I did, however, talk to Harry this morning at breakfast about his visiting his grandma and grandpa and their dog Judy this evening and maybe he understood some of that. He talked a little about Judy, but then started talking about other people, including other people who would not be there but were around when we last say grandpa and grandma. So, we'll just have to what and see what happens.

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