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October 5, 2001 - Friday
This is Harry's mother and my second wedding anniversary since Harry was born and the tenth overall. Last year we were caught in something of a bind getting ready to go on a trip and didn't even go out. We had the same circumstance of our pending trip to the mountain cabin this year, too, but we packed just about everything we needed to this afternoon. Getting out on our tenth anniversary seemed more important.

Harry's grandparents came over to our house to give him dinner and put him to bed, if necessary, while we went out for a nice dinner. And, Harry seemed quite happy to see his grandparents, though he looked a little surprised when mommy and daddy both waved goodbye. That pause didn't last long and he was off with grandpa to play with the megablocks or something. We did get home just in time for Harry's bath and songs, though his mother sang to him as I finished up some important work before the weekend. I guess that's part of the bargain with kids, always a little something to do or think about before it's just the two of us again. Grandma and grandpa said they would stay much later if we had wanted to stay out, but with Jeremy bursting in mommy's belly, we weren't about to have a long night out of wine and dancing. Somehow, I'm betting that with two kids, the eleventh anniversary might be the one when we need to stay away a little longer. Tonight it was just nice to have a quiet evening .

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