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August 24, 2003 - Sunday
I was changing Jeremy diaper late this afternoon and made some idle, wishful comment about "someday you'll learn how to poop in the potty." Jeremy immediately smiled. He has been practicing sitting on the potty for a little while now, much like Harry did when we first purchased a potty. Of course, Jeremy has an older brother to watch and I'm hopeful that maybe he'll be early with potty training. So, I thought I'd play along a little.

"Did you want to poop on the potty?" I asked as I wiped.
Jeremy smiled excitedly and nodded.
"That would be great," I said aloud, mostly to myself, then to Jeremy "did you like to sit on the potty?"
Jeremy smiled and nodded.

Things went on between the two of us for the rest of the time I was changing him until I realized that he was quite interested in going to sit on the potty. So, I thought I would take him. Then, right before I close up his new diaper it struck me that we have a big pile of size 4 pull-ups from Harry that Jeremy may well outgrow before it's time to use them. So, I put one on him. I guess it really shouldn't be too big a surprise that he was very proud to be wearing it and that he marched on his own into the bathroom to sit on Harry's potty. He tried to sit, but I told him I needed to take off his pull-up first. He understood. Then I asked if he wanted to put his pants on or show mommy his pull-up. Again, even though Jeremy doesn't speak much yet it should have been very surprising that he actually called "Mommy" and walked to the top of the stairs with a big smile.

Now, if I could figure out a way to take that momentum and interest and turn it into actually using the potty on his own, that would be the thing. I guess this is the age parents used to potty train regularly, but the trade off is a lot more accidents and potential trouble.

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