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August 28, 2003 - Thursday
I was combing Harry's hair this morning as I do most mornings while he brushes his teeth. He said, "I want it over here."
"What's that, Harry?" I asked.
"I want it over here like you, my hair," he asked, indicating that, instead of straight down over his forehead, he wanted his hair parted to the side like mine. It's apparently something his mother has been fooling around with after his bath; one of those little tricks parents use to keep a child's mind occupied or distracted during those tenuous pre-bedtime hours. "Just like daddy," she'd been saying.

I've often thought there are many ways in which I hope Harry is not like me. I'm not even sure I'm particularly interested in having look like me. And, I'm sure there are many ways I do not want him to aspire to be like me. But, I have to concede that this one was kind of cute.

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