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February 18, 2003 - Tuesday
Harry's been at home for eight of the last nine days and I've got to concede that I was very much looking forward to sending him back to school this morning. Part of that is simply getting back to normal with healthy boys going off and enjoying themselves instead of whimpering around the house and me finally getting some quiet time to work. But, some of it too is simple being ready to be away from Harry for a few hours and put last week behind us. So, it was a cruel twist of fate that a large snow storm caused his preschool to call a very rare snow day.

What? I thought. The snow isn't falling anymore. What's the problem? Who cares if the governor says essential workers only and Harry mother is staying home. That was all last night. It's a bright sunny morning!

We ended up bringing Harry with Jeremy for the morning, agreeing with his baby-sitter that instead of Jeremy all day, she'd take two boys until lunch time. It seemed like a good deal all around (except for Harry being contrary about going there; he always want's to stay when we go there to pick Jeremy up in the afternoons).

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