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February 15, 2003 - Saturday
Poor, Jeremy. He had another milestone overshadowed by his older brother on Thursday when he drank from a cup all by himself. He's really taken to orange juice over the last week or two and has, up until today, been getting a great kick out of drinking it from a glass that either his mother or I was holding. Today, he was on his own. Like Harry at this milestone, which came right at about the same time, it's more than a bit of a leap of faith to watch him learn to drink. I guess you just have to assume that some will spill and hope that it's not more than the bib can take. Actually, both he and Harry did surprisingly well in that regard, at least in the grand scheme of things, except when each asked for more. Then, the glass has more in it than it did a moment ago and they tend to tip it too far the first time at it again. Aw, it's an understandable problem.

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