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February 9, 2003 - Sunday
I've been editing some home movie footage that I took last summer at the beach for, well, since the summer. Actually, I worked on it a little bit right after the summer, but started again more aggressively in early January. The boys know about these emerging videos and want to watch them at just about every opportunity. And, why not? The videos are of them. Specifically, they're from our vacation last summer and are regularly referred to by Harry as the "Jeremy video," the Beach video," and the "Train video" and are suitably short videos of Jeremy playing chase, a day at the beach, and our visit to the trolley museum. Harry asks for them by name. Jeremy does his now very familiar grunt and point. Jeremy's nowhere near as eloquent as Harry was at 15 months, but he somehow seems less coy about expressing his likes and dislikes and that makes his communication quite effective, if not completely charming. Sometimes he'll even come over, put a hand on your shoulder, tilt his head as if to make an inquirie, then point and grunt in a delicate, questioning tone.

Wanting to watch the videos so much is a good indication of Jeremy's emerging, or perhaps already emerged, sense of self-awareness. He's also becoming a big fan of this website and, in particular, its pictures of himself, as Harry used to be and really still is. So, now they both like to look at the computer.

Much to our great relief, and following a call to the doctor Harry had two rather significant bowel movements this afternoon and evening. Actually, the first came almost immediately after I spoke with the doctor at about dinner time. It's too great a coincidence to ignore, too. We'd been talking to Harry all weekend about the need to poop, the fact that it was making him feel sick, and, today, that we might need to take him to the doctor and I've got to believe that his hearing me talk about him with the doctor heighten the anxiety just enough to turn the restrictive tide. At least two separate times after his movement he thought to confirm with me that now "we don't have to go to the doctor."

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